Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lori Whitlock Shadow Box

Did you know that, in addition to Lori Whitlock's wonderful two-dimensional cutting files such as her Project Life cards and create a mini-album files, she also makes fantastic 3-D files such as this wonderful SHADOW BOX? And, just to make sure your crafty experience is fun and easy, Lori has an easy-to-follow tutorial posted HERE to help you put your shadow box together. Was it time consuming to make? A little. Was it easy to make? Yes (after watching the tutorial). Do I like the results? I absolutely love them!

I made my shadow box for my sweet nephew's parents, using a few of his first professional photographs and the Charming papers from Echo Park's This & That Collection. I also used the "Enjoy Every Moment" Phrase and Banner Set from Lori's STORE.

One thing I really enjoy about this shadow box is that the trays are nice and deep - allowing you the option of placing actual objects inside them. The Shadow Box is quite sturdy, too, after it is fully assembled so you can use objects that have some weight to them without fear of damaging it.

Look! I used the "wood" patterned paper for the outside frame of my shadow box.

And here is the top with a simple twine hanger. Don't worry, there is an extra cut of paper attached under the top of the frame to help "reinforce" your shadow box if you decide to hang it.

That's it for now, but be sure to check back next week for another fun-filled Blog Hop! Details to come!


  1. this is beautiful and so wonderful!

  2. This is so beautifully stunning! Great job! I love all the little details and the colors!

  3. love this and the mini album you made. thanks for the inspiration!

  4. did you layer the paper on this the way you did in the album (can i just say i love it again - that's me anon, above) , or did you cut the shadow box directly from your paper? i'm assuming the latter - would be a lot of glueing and lining up...

  5. Wow wow and another wow!!! This is so stunning!!! I love it!!

  6. Mare, I cut the shadow box directly from my papers. There is still some glueing and lining up, but not nearly as much as if I had layered the papers. And it really was easy! Overall, the project takes 6 pieces of paper, so it is quite sturdy by the time everything is assembled - especially if you are using cardstock or a heavy patterned paper.

  7. Hello - I happened to order the pattern last week and it's great to see Your finished example - Lovely! Thank you for sharing!

  8. I bought to pattern aswell, could you tell me the sizes for everything. I have emailed Lori and she gave me the sizes but they don't seem to be working either and I have bothered her so masny times, I thought I could ask someone who made it too. Thanks for any help.