Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project Family

So, a few weeks ago, I was chatting with my BIRDS OF A FEATHER sisters, and we were discussing whether we would be doing any daily or monthly projects for the 2012 year. It was a pre-coffee conversation for me, and I incorrectly called one of those projects - Project Family. After confessing to the other ladies that I had misnamed another popular monthly project and there was no such thing as Project Family - I said to myself, "Well why not? There SHOULD be a Project Family!" And I set about to create my own Project, project.

I knew it had to have these requirements: Simple, fast (so that we will actually commit to keeping up with it), inexpensive (because I already spend enough money on my scrapbooking supplies), and something that every member of my family can do. This is what I came up with:

First, I took this old wine bottle box that I purchased for 50 cents at a garage sale.

I have nothing against lighthouses (or wine bottle boxes for that matter), but it didn't match my decor. So...I used my January BOAF KIT , full of AUTHENTIQUE papers and other goodies, and turned it into this...
A Few Close-Ups:

Inside the box is a simple file folder accordian album that I created, which is designed to hold my Project Family Journaling Tags (and enough room left over inside the box to hold any extra little mementos I pick up in 2012).

The front of the accordian album looks like this:

It opens up to reveal six panels on each side (for a total of twelve) with pockets to hold my Project Family Tags.

The tags have simple questions which can quickly be answered by each family member at the end of every month. I left the front of my pockets blank as I plan to put my favorite picture taken each month on the front. At the end of the year, we will have the highs and lows of the past twelve months to review - little things that we most likely would have forgotten had we not taken just a few minutes to write them down (on my handy-dandy tags).

Want to download the tag so you can create your own Project Family? Just click on this Picture and save!

Want to learn how to make my file folder accordian album to hold my Project Family journaling tags? Be sure to check back Tuesday for another video tutorial!

Peace Out!


  1. Good golly this is amazing! I knew it was a great idea when you were telling me about it last night and now I love it even more! Steal worthy, for sure :) And, of course, I love that we've been caught using the same papers on the same day *hugs*

  2. Oh wow...LOVE the altered box and the accordion inside! What a cool cool idea!