Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day Project with Lori Whitlock

It's that time again. What time is "that time" you ask? It's LORI WHITLOCK time!!! She has all these fabulous new shapes and files out, many of which are PERFECT for those special Mother's Day gifts and cards. I fell in love with this STATIONARY BOX AND CARD SET and thought it would be the perfect little gift for my mother, who loves everyday cards. The stationary set comes with one card, but I was easily able to fit four cards in mine. My cards have buttons and other "dimensional" items. If I did not use those, I think the box would easily hold six note cards. That's a lot of cards for a little box that, at 4x3 inches, is slightly larger than a deck of playing cards!
I used ECHO PARK'S Note to Self Collection, which is such a great "gender neutral" set of papers (designed by Lori Whitlock, of course) that can be used for a wonderful variety of projects and layouts! The cards were so simple to make. I simply added slightly smaller pieces of plain cardstock inside to create a nice writing surface and a few decorations to dress up the outside. The Echo Park paper was so cute, it didn't really need any special dressing up! Here are my cards:
(I used a Lori Whitlock design for my label)
(The damask shape is by Lori Whitlock, too!)
That's it for now. But Lori's got lovely new spring items popping up in her shop almost every day, so be sure to check in and find something that is just right for YOUR craftiness.


  1. Terrific cards and stationary box, Krissy! What a nice and thoughtful gift for your Mom.

  2. So perfect and adorable! Way to go!