Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's a Dog's Life

Okay, I may not be ready for grandchildren yet, but I am more than ready for a grand-puppy. And like any proud grandparent, I am convinced that MY grandpuppy is about the best there is! He's very smart (gets that from my side of the family for sure), extremely good-natured, and (you can't deny it) he IS devilishly handsome!!! So I thought he deserved his own layout. The picture of Ty was taken on Easter afternoon. Lindsey and Chris brought him over, and he was wearing his brightly-colored bandana, which worked much better than an Easter bonnet for him. He sat and posed quite patiently while I took his picture, unlike his mother, who (I am pretty sure) rolled her eyes at me when I said it was photo time. Ha! I used October Afternoon papers, but my embellishments consist of pretty much anything I could get my grubby little paws on. And I doodled on just about everything, from my Pink Paislee clouds... my rub on banner
I added a couple of stick pins with little banners as a finishing touch.
A couple more picture before I go - Ty with his mommy and daddy. Aren't they a sweet-looking family?!?!
And, look! Ty even smiles for the camera! He is the perfect grand-puppy!


  1. So cute! Your daughter looks JUST like you!

  2. Love this layout and he is just too cute!

  3. This is just an amazing layout. Great job and what wonderful photos, also.

  4. wow! I love this one!!! Clean lines, all the layers...drooling...