Monday, September 30, 2013

Remember These Moments

Despite still being drugged up medicated from my recent yanking out of the wisdom teeth, I wanted to do a little something with all my yummy scrapbook supplies - including some recent American Crafts loot that I picked up.  They were getting lonely without me!  My creativity, however, needed a serious jump-starting.  I think Hydrocodone stands for hydro-can't-come-up-with-a-thought-of-you-own.  So, I found a challenge and a sketch to get me back on track.
First, the challenge (to be said in a totally exaggerated fake French accent - "zee shal-awnge"):  I decided to play along with the TWO PEAS CHALLENGE to write directly on your photo.  I normally would have cropped this photo of the Huntress a little closer; however, I realized if I left it uncropped, I had the perfect amount of space to write my journaling and complete - c'mon, say it with me ZEE SHAL-AWNGE!
Second, the sketch:  Good old PAGE MAPS is always a win for me.  I took one of the SEPTEMBER CHALLENGES, rotated it just for fun, and used one large photo instead of three.  I will let YOU figure out which sketch I used!
Close-ups?  Want to see a close-up or three?  Well, here you go!

Here is the writing on the wall, picture....

Of course, I had to include this little doggy sticker since my daughter had been playing in the pool with her own little doggy...

And, finally, what do you do when you run out of room on your photo and decide that you want to journal even more?  If you are me, you create a pocket and insert a card that holds extra journaling.  Since I am me, that is exactly what I did!  See?

That's all for me today.  Hope you have a Happy Monday - only five more days until the weekend is here!!!


  1. Krissy! I adore this layout. You are so brave in writing on your photo and am an envious! The hand stitching is so eye cathcing too. Love your style!

  2. Love those fun layers! Great layout!