Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Happy Tuesday!  We are another day closer to the weekend and, for me, one day closer to having a little free time to sit down and play with my scrapbook supplies.  We've got a sweet sketch posted over at PRETTY LITTLE STUDIO that will help kick-start your crafty mojo - it's nice and simple so you can interpret it any way you want - whether you take a clean and simple approach or want to use an entire paper and matching ephemera collection.

My layout is somewhere in the middle of clean and simple and everything-but-the-kitchen-sink.  I did add lots of pieces to it, but I kept them small and layered many of them so it doesn't feel quite so busy.

I love these little thought bubbles by PRETTY LITTLE STUDIO
When your tween is giving you a "look" that speaks volumes to you but maybe not so much to Aunt Gerta in Idaho, you can use these bubbles to translate what your child would be verbally telling you if you were actually cool enough to talk to.  LOL!  Of course, they can also be used for journaling.

To see this week's sketch and more inspiration, go check out the PLS BLOG - right now!!!  Do it!  Don't make me have to roll my eyes and start pouting...

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  1. this is so cute! mt teens and tweens do not have cell phones yet, but I am sure when they do get them texting will happen a lot ;)