Thursday, August 25, 2011

Do You Like a Good Challenge?

Do you like a good challenge? I know I do! Challenges are one of the best ways to push yourself to grow creatively. AND they further benefit you by helping to keep your layouts from all looking the same. You know what I'm talking about, right? It's that moment when you look at your last 5 or 6 layouts and realize you have 3 flowers, two pictures, 1 journaling tag and a cluster of brads on every single one of them!!!

My layout is a lift of Amaryllis' ENJOY LIFE, found over at BIRDS OF A FEATHER. Amaryllis used this Page Maps sketch for her layout (at least I think it's this one):

Now, as it turns out, I had previously completed a layout using the SAME sketch a couple of months earlier; however, Amaryllis had a completely different take on it. So, when I lifted her layout, I got a completely different look the second time. See? Here's my original layout done a few months ago:

So, what's my point to this little ramble? CHALLENGE YOURSELF!!!! And what better way to do that than to participate in, you got it, challenges (duh)! And who is having some fun CHALLENGES? BIRDS OF A FEATHER is, that's who. Every month, five new challenges are posted. You don't have to do them all. You don't even have to use the monthly KIT, although they are so well put together you are going to wish you did! The only thing you have to do is to HAVE FUN!

I hope to see you there!


  1. wow, this came out GORGEOUS! LOVE the colors and pattern papers that you chose for these pics! Thanks for lifting me (& yes, that is the sketch that I used!) :)