Wednesday, June 29, 2011

You Are My Sunshine

A few weeks ago when I was visiting Archiver's, they very cleverly displayed all of their LYB Sweet Summertime papers and embellies right by the front door where I would be sure to see them and sure to buy them. Archiver's is pretty ingeniously evil that way.

Rather than organizing my loot and putting it away when I got home - where I would be sure to promptly forget about it until oh...Winter 2014 maybe...I decided to keep my purchase in the bag right next to my scrapbooking table so that I bumped into every time I sat down.

I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with the papers, despite the fact that I HAD to have them, but then a couple of things happened which made everything just fall into place. I love it when that happens!

First, I was trolling all my favorite sketch sites and found this recent sketch over at Pencil Lines:

It's another very simple sketch, which I loved because I could imagine as much or as little into it as I wanted. Don't get me wrong, there are times when I love detailed sketches with every little brad and flower spelled out, but there are times like now when I want nothing more than a simple idea to work with.

Next, I was perusing the gallery on and leaving some love for my friends when I came across a great layout done by the very wonderful, talented Fritchey, found HERE. I LOVED the sun that she made - especially the hand cut "rays" that are all different sizes!

And somehow, with those two things, my layout came together! I added a couple scraps of paper from different lines - just because they were sitting on my table in the small "scraps of paper to be used pile," and the circus bear charm was used because I had placed it in the "don't forget I exist" bucket on my table. But I think the scrap papers and my circus bear were good additions (and helped me use up my supplies).

Happy SCRUMP Day! And I hope you are able to spend a little time SCRapbooking to help you get over the hUMP in the middle of the week, too!


  1. So Cute!!! I did the same thing, went to my LSS and bought all of the LYB Sweet Summertime... still in the bag....

  2. Love the colors and title work