Thursday, June 30, 2011

Something Different

Even though my time as a design team member has come to an end over at Sketchabilities, I know I will continue going back twice a month to play with some of the best sketches around, even when they present me with challenges such as Karan's new one has done.

Sketch #50 appeared easy enough when looking at it, but I realized as I was trying to create it that I don't do so well with seemingly random placement of little bits of paper or embellishments. Apparently, I want everything to be touching or connected somehow because I fought with myself the entire time I worked on this!

This is when detailed sketches come in handy because, otherwise, I never would have attempted something like my layout. And it just so happens that I LOVE the look of what I call "random placement" layouts, despite my brain not wanting to create that way.

Do you want some inspiration from the ladies who totally rock this look? Then why don't you check out some of the layouts created by MIJA
(I would totally lift every single layout she's ever done if I didn't think she would think I was some sort of weird scrapbook stalker), LARIALBERNAZ, FINNABAIR, NICOLE NOWOSAD, and, of course, my BFF ALISSA (who does random, cards, organizing and just about everything else really well).

So, how do you feel about these types of layouts? Want to give Sketch 50 a try? If you upload your layout to the SITE by July 13th, you will be entered into a drawing to win some pretty cool scrappy goodies! Go check it out!


  1. Looks to me like Sketch 50 was made just for me and I will be playing with it :) YOU totally ROCKED it! I love your LO!