Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Baby is a Star

Some of you who know me know that my wonderfully precocious little daughter, Hunter, was bitten by the acting and singing bug about four years ago. Since then, I have walked the fine line of trying to encourage, but not push, her. I waited a couple of years after her first play before putting her in a film acting class. And now, at her request, we recently signed with an agent in Houston. Our agreement is that she will get to keep and spend 10% of her net earnings and the remainder will go into her college savings account. I am hoping this will allow her to enjoy her acting experiences but also give her the means to one day attend the college of her choice without having to worry about student loans.

Part of the agent submission process is to have a photo shoot done so as to get one or more headshots. We chose the fabulously talented Kristine Canterbury, who spent about two hours taking photos of Hunter and then provided me with an entire cd full of gorgeous photos! Of course, this appealed to my scrapbooking addiction as I quickly realized I had over 100 photos of one of my favorite scrapbooking subjects at hand! Here at just two layouts I recently did with photos of Hunter taken by Kristine. (For anyone in the Houston area interested in getting fantastic headshots, please check out Kristine's site at

Anyway, here are my two latest efforts using photos from Hunter's photo shoot.

Finally, for anyone interested, I have attached the link to Hunter's YouTube clip with her two monologues to this blog title - enjoy!

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