Monday, April 5, 2010


It seems like just yesterday I was driving my second daughter, Lindsey, through torrential rains so she could attend Freshmen Orientation at Texas State. We called ahead to advise that we were running late due to the extremely bad weather, and I remember asking what building we needed to go to since the orientation would already be under way. I was told to look for a beige building that was several stories tall. Imagine our surprise and dismay when we arrived on campus and ALL of the building were beige, most were multi-storied!
Now, less than seven weeks away, my daughter will be walking across the stage in her cap and gown. During these past four years, I have seen Lindsey consistently named to the Dean's List, inducted into the Honor Society, become the President of the Women's Soccer Club, and lead her soccer teammates to a third-place finish in Nationals. She has done all this while holding down one, sometimes two, jobs. My baby has grown up determined and always ready to face the next challenge placed before her.
Here's to you, kiddo. Today college, tomorrow graduate school, and afterwards - the world! I am so proud that I have the privilege to be your mother!!!

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  1. Wow! What am accomplished young lady you have! Congrats on her graduation!