Thursday, January 28, 2010

I love a challenge

I am a member of a great website (currently my favorite) called It's a fantastic site that has really helped me to grow tremendously in learning how to create different scrapbook layouts. There are so many techniques to learn - NOTHING at all like the days of gluing a picture or program to a piece of black paper and then writing the name and date under it!
One of the things I most love about is that they have a challenge forum. It's just what it sounds like - you are challenged to create a layout or altered project using a specific technique or paper or item. The photo above is my most recent layout from a scraplifting challenge (Scraplifting is copying another person's design).
As you can see, the photos are mostly black and white with a little bit of coloring added to them. I have been using Picasa for my photo-editing lately (free download from Google) and it has a really neat effects feature called Focal B&W, which I used for these pics. The drawback to this feature is I couldn't get so specific with the color placement as to only color in the scarf or legwarmers. I will need to use PhotoShop Elements for that, which I really NEED to learn.
I used the definition of the word "recalcitrant" in place of journaling. I think this is a neat option if you don't have a specific action or event to journal about and just want to remember the mood at the time the pictures were taken. To get the definition, I went to online dictionary on the internet. I then cut and pasted the definition into a word document and printed it out on cardstock. I cut the cardstock into pieces. I then distress inked the edges and used pop dots under each strip; this combination helps the strips to stand out.
A second challenge that I have been LOVING is the Words with Friends app on my (new) iPhone. This app is also totally free making it the best kind! Words with Friends is basically Scrabble. The beauty of it is that you can play several games at the same time with various people (either random people or invited friends) AND you can play as fast as you want or at a leisurely pace. There is no time limit. I have some games running that I have been playing for 5 days - only playing one or two words a day; then I have several games that I have played straight through until the end. I (heart) games that challenge the brain!!!

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  1. Recalcitrant - that means she drinks lots of milk, right?

    I know what it means, and you know I know what it means, and I know you know I know what it means, and so on.

    You do good work, honey. I had not even heard of Picasa and didn't realize you were using it.