Monday, March 4, 2013

From Trash to Treasure (Pretty Little Studio)

Happy Monday everyone!  I am hoping to start your week off on a fun note by sharing this project I made for the great folks over at PRETTY LITTLE STUDIO.  I brought this sad little wooden crate about a year ago at a yard sale (see see how sad it was, just check out the PLS Blog) for nothing.  It was sitting in my closet the entire past year waiting for just the right project to come along.  Well, let me tell you, as soon as I saw the wonderful papers and goodies from the SAND CASTLE COLLECTION and the BIRTHDAY CAKE COLLECTION, I knew the moment was here!

First, I painted my crate white.  Since I wasn't going to cover every piece with paper, I wanted to make sure the exposed wood parts had a pretty little facelift.  Then I measured the wood slats that I did want to cover and simply cut and glued the papers I wanted to use.   I even covered the ends, see?

A few decorations, and I was done with my crate. 

I was initially going to make some paper flowers to go inside the crate, so I purchased a bag of polised rocks at the hobby store for a few bucks.  At the last minute, though, I changed my mind (I know, huge shocker, right?) and decided I wanted to include a few family photos instead.  These wire clips and stems from an old broken picture "thingy" were perfect for holding my pics.  I clipped the wires and buried them in my rocks, then added three embellished pictures.  The best part is, because my pictures are clipped up, I can easily change them out or substitute something else in their place.

I loved backing my photos on these adorable bingo cards and adding little bits of random cuteness around them!


That's if for me today!  Be sure to check our Pretty Little Studio's BLOG because there are lots of fun things coming your way!  And if you wanted to leave a little love, too, well I certainly wouldn't object! 


  1. What a fun project! You truely brought that little crate back to life!

  2. You've seriously hit this out of the park. It's so beautiful! Very inspiring. I think I need to make a trip and find a cute little crate.

  3. What a great spring project! Glad you were finally inspired to do something with your wooden crate. I love when that happens! I love the papers you chose and that you can change out the pictures too.