Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Here and Now - Practical Scrappers Frugal Finds

After dithering around and tearing up and re-starting this layout in a fit of pique a couple of times, that had NOTHING to do with my Practical Scrappers assignment - all operator error I'm afraid - here it is, my contribution to the PRACTICAL SCRAPPERS Frugal Finds Challenge.
What is it, you ask?'s a common household item. It is...toothpicks! That's right, the things you use to test cakes or to get something unstuck from between your teeth (if you don't have floss or a toothbrush handy). I tried to do something a tad bit (and it seems that a tad bit is all I came up with) more creative than a little flag, so I made - an arrow.  I wanted to accent my arrow and add a little dimension to it, so I used a toothpick as the base - can you see it here?

It may not be the most ingenious idea, but you gotta give me points for cuteness!  My arrows (on top of my little toothpick) were cut out using my Silhouette Cameo *doing my stuck record impression - I love my Cameo, I love my Cameo, I love my Cameo* along with this really cute polaroid frame that I simply stretched out a little before printing so it would fit the dimensions of my picture, which is NOT a polaroid size.
Of course, I outlined and doodled on just about everything with my black zig marker - my favorite thing to do these days it seems.  My papers are by AMERICAN CRAFTS , which work perfectly for this unguarded photo of my daughter, who was so caught up in her music that she was oblivious to everything around her (even her crazy picture-taking mom who snuck up on her with the camera)!

Seriously, my toothpick arrow may be cute - but you have GOT to check out the other PRACTICAL SCRAPPERS ladies' ideas. They will blow you away! So go! Click the link already! What are you waiting for?!


  1. Your doodles rock my scrappy universe! Congrats to on your publishing gig!

  2. Christa! That is the Best.Comment.Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just made my day!

  3. Amazing excited for your layout in Trends. I had my first one in there this month...and I am still on Cloud 9. You will be a regular in there, that's my prediction!

  4. amazing page!!!!! totally LOVE LOVE the design and fun-ness all over your page!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!!

  5. Cathy - I like your prediction and keeping my fingers crossed it will come true! Very excited for YOUR pub in CARDS!