Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fixing Mistakes - Sketchabilities

I actually had enough free time this weekend to work on an extra project.  And after going through my new loot from the Two Peas website, I decided to use some of my BASIC GREY papers from the Aspen Frost and Paper Cottage Collections.  I wanted a layout that could be a little Christmas-y without being all in your face about it.  I also REALLY liked this sketch from SKETCHABILITIES (because it had banners, of course!) and decided to use it to create my layout.
I picked out my papers, knew which picture I wanted to use, knew exactly what I wanted to say - had my layout 90% complete (or so I thought) and then...all I had to do was add a little journaling - that's right, the very same journaling I had already figured out - I juuuuust needed a place to write it down.  I tried writing it off to the side of the picture, where I have it now, but directly onto the paper.  Did I bother writing it in pencil so I could make sure I liked it?  Nooooooooo.  I wrote it out in permanent marker, not just a little bit, but all of it.  Aaaannnd - I decided I hated it.  Absolutely hated it and couldn't stand to have it there!  So, while I was trying to figure out exactly what I could do to cover up my boo-boo, I decided to write the journaling in a different spot - this time under my picture.

Now, you would think that I learned my lesson from not even five minutes earlier and would write in pencil the second time, right?  Right???  WRONG!  I wrote my journaling out, in permanent marker again, directly on the paper under my picture.  And I decided - once again - that I absolutely hated it!
So, flash forward an hour or so later and several ideas that I will not elaborate on except to say they didn't work, and I have two extra tags on my layout that would not have necessarily been added except that I needed to cover up my mistakes.  And, you know what, I have decided that I like them there quite a bit, thank you very much!  LOL!  There is certainly something to be said for desparation inspiring creativity!

Here are a few close-ups:

I used a "grunge-star" frame that I cut with my Silhouette Cameo.  The flags are by Basic Grey; I simply tied a piece of string around one and glued a small painted heart onto the second one to dress them up a little.
If one banner is good, then two is better, right?  I was a little too lazy to get up and take my layout over to the sewing machine, so I faux-sewed instead (otherwise known as doodling).

I like how the top banner looks with a chain of stars interspersed along it.

That's it for me tonight, but I would like to know:  Have you ever made a mistake or fixed a mistake on a project and decided you liked it better than what you started out with?  Tell me about it, I would love to hear your story!


  1. Such a cute layout!Love the banners and stars!!
    Thank you for playing along with us at Sketchabilities.

  2. wow, this is a gorgeous page...happy weekend!

    enjoy *~*

  3. this is gorgeous!!! love everything about this page! thanks for playing along with us at Sketchabilities!!!

  4. i love your layout! the color combination red-turquoise is lovely, the doodling looks great and as i am also a big fan of banners i love yours! thank you for playing along with Sketchabilities!

  5. Very pop and cute layout!Thank you for playing along with us at Sketchabilities.

  6. ....aaaaahh dear Krissy....I try to cover up mistakes ALL THE TIME!!! It seems that I dont learn my lessons either!! What can I say...! Well, sometimes they turn out to be better than I imagined ...but sometimes they end up at the bottom of my trash can!Hahaha!! Your LO by the way turned out fantastic!! Good job!